Veteran Directed Care​

For more information about the Veteran Directed Care program in your area,  contact the HelpLine at
or visit our homepage to identify your local Area Agency on Aging

You may also call the Veteran's Administration directly at
802-295-9363 and speak with 
Bobbie Surott-Kimberly
(X 2396)

 A Veteran – Directed Home and Community Based Care Program

​The Veterans Directed Care (VDC) program is designed to help keep Veterans in their own homes, helping prevent or postpone any out of home placements. The program’s hallmark is that the Veteran is in control of the services that they use and need in order to remain at home.

The program is a partnership with the Veteran's Administration and the Vermont Association of Area Agencies on Aging (V4A), whose Care Advisors (CA), will work to support VDC Veterans to assess what services are needed and wanted. The Veteran’s family or friends may also assist.

The White River Junction VA Medical Center is responsible for determining eligibility and the approval of service plans and budgets for the VDC Program.
In order to be eligible all Veterans must be enrolled in the White River Junction VA’s health care system, have a VA primary care team, meet general eligibility criteria for home and community based services as determined by the VA and receive a referral from the VA to the Area Agenices on Aging. Veterans should be “in need of nursing home care” and be interested in consumer directed care. Veterans are determined program eligible when one or more of the following conditions is met:

1. Three or more activities of daily living (ADL) dependencies
2. Significant cognitive impairment
3. Receiving hospice services
4. Two ADL dependencies and two or more of the following:
    a. Three or more instrumental activities of daily living (IADL)     dependencies
    b. Recently discharged from a nursing facility
    c. 75 years old or greater
    d. Three hospitalizations or 12 outpatient clinics or emergency    evaluations
    e. Clinically depressed
    f. Lives alone
5. Does not meet any specific criteria but clinically determined by the local VAMC to need services.