2019 Legislative Priorities​​

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Support Choice in Choices for Care
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 V4A 2019 Policy Priorities

Addressing the needs of older Vermonters to improve the lives of all Vermonters
All Vermonters need the same things: food, shelter, community and the ability to get care. When we have adequate systems of support for older Vermonters, we will improve the lives of all Vermonters. Let’s make Vermont a place where...

Older Vermonters can choose where and how they live. Most Vermonters want to be able to stay in their homes as they get older. When Vermonters can age in a setting of their choice, we see better health outcomes, stronger communities, and significant savings compared to nursing home care. Our success as a state will depend on ensuring older Vermonters can choose where they live and receive care.

We ask the legislature to help Vermonters choose where and how they live by making the following changes to the Choices for Care program.

For older Vermonters with the high and highest needs
  • Cover home delivered meals
  • Provide reasonable annual rate increases for home and community based providers on par with nursing homes

For older Vermonters with moderate needs
  • Increase flexible funds that allow older Vermonters to decide what services and supports they need to live in the setting of their choice
  • Allow Vermonters to remain with the case management agency of their choice regardless of where their Moderate Needs funds are administered
  • Improve the moderate needs waitlist procedures and priorities to provide access to services based on need rather than the date of application to the program

Older Vermonters have the food they need. Vermont is a state with a thriving food economy and no Vermonter should be malnourished or go hungry. Meals on Wheels is an essential program that provides over 1,000,000 nutritious meals to over 15,000 thousand Vermonters. With adequate funding the program can ensure that older Vermonters can stay in their homes, get the food they need, and get a safety check from a friendly volunteer.

We ask the legislature to support meal programs by increasing state appropriations for home delivered meals.

Vermonters have the time and resources to care for their family.
In 2018, the Vermont legislature passed legislation that would grant Vermonters access to paid job-protected leave for care for a family member with a serious long-term illness or injury, or to take time to bond with or care for a new child. This is especially important as more and more older Vermonters are relying on family caregivers to help them remain in their homes and communities.

We ask the legislature to pass Family Medical Leave Insurance legislation to ensure Vermonters are supported when they have to care for themselves or their family.